Osa Peninsula

Enjoy the Raw Nature, Solitude, & Solace of the


The Osa Peninsula's uncrowded beaches offer waves for beginners, mid-level, and advanced surfers.


The Osa Peninsula is hailed by many as Costa Rica’s “last frontier” as it remains a largely untouched, remote wilderness.


Or enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool of a cascading waterfall surrounded by tropical rainforest and nature.

The Osa Peninsula's uncrowded beaches offer waves for beginners, mid-level, and advanced surfers.


Corcovado & Piedras Blancas Parks
Immerse yourself in one of the richest primary rainforests remaining on the planet and experience what a Jurassic world looked like 1000’s of years ago.
Whale & Dolphin Watching
Enjoy a day on the calm Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf) while it serves up its many “magical” wonders. Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Sea Birds, untouched coastlines, and so much more. Come see for yourself why it is truly magical.
Wildlife & Nature Hikes
The abundance of wildlife in the Osa is incredible and diverse, you could create an entire vacation on wildlife watching alone. The guides and naturalists are truly amazing in their knowledge and their ability to find the astonishing array of fauna and flora that exist here.
Kayaking / Mangroves
Kayak the Golfo Dulce’s clear calm waters filled with dolphins, turtles, and a multitude of marine life. Paddling up the rivers and estuaries is the perfect way to experience a world of mangrove jungles.
Wildlife Photography
Experience the closest encounters with nature through the lens of your camera. Don't miss the perfect photo opportunities in the most pristine and spectacular locations.
Nocturnal Hike
Experience the unknown magic of a rainforest at night. Walk into a nocturnal wonderland with your naturalist guide and discover rarely seen wildlife. (many animals only come out at night)
For those wanting more adventure, get your blood flowing with a waterfall rappel. Or hike up the falls and enjoy a swim in the refreshing pools surrounded by monkeys and toucans.
Bird Watching
For casual birders and serious enthusiasts, the Osa Peninsula offers a wide variety of habitats and the best birding on the pacific coast of Central America.
The Osa provides remote beaches for all levels from beginners (with lessons available) to experienced. And with the rainforest and jungle as your backdrop you can find monkeys and macaws as your spectators.
The Gulfo Dulce is one of the best places to paddle board especially if it's your first time. The calm tides are home to abundant marine life whom make the warm waters their home. Spot turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and a variety of fish and seabirds. Or strike a yoga pose on your board at sunrise - “magical”.
Deep Sea & Handline Fishing
The Osa Peninsula holds many world records and offers world-class fishing choices including surf, river, mangroves, in-shore, and off-shore. With so many uniquely challenging and rewarding opportunities both beginners and experts have the opportunity to experience incredible sport fishing and take home a “whopper of a fish story”.
Cano Island is a biological reserve considered to be one of the top diving destinations in Costa Rica. The regulated number of snorkelers and divers has kept the waters pristine and teeming with life. During migration times you may even see humpbacks and whale sharks.

Many other activites avaliable,              us to find the right ones for you!

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The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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