Roatan Island



A “different” way to take in the view as you soar through the tree tops. Let your inner child come out!


Roatan is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and is one of the top-rated islands for diving in the Caribbean.  


For a breathtaking view of the magnificent waters and reefs of Roatan.


Roatan is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and is one of the top rated islands for diving in the Caribbean. With visibility averaging between 80 – 150 feet and water temperatures in the low to mid 80’s, Roatan has great diving which is accessible year-round. With calm, clear water; minimal currents and reefs; walls and wrecks on both sides of the island, you seldom would have to miss a dive day.
Night Diving
The dive sites you visit in the day transform into a whole new world where the hidden creatures of the day come out at night to play. Roatan night dives also feature a very rare phenomenon, the “String of Pearls” – picture yourself sitting in a sea of stars strung together as they float past your face on the way to the surface, and the bio-luminescent is like diving in a sea of sparkles.
Whether you are a first-time snorkeler or a diver taking a break for the day, the incredible visibility and warm waters that entice divers also make it one of the top-rated destinations for snorkeling. Come float above one of the many reefs and see for yourself the animation and vibrancy of a coral reef.
Roatan is protected by a surrounding barrier reef and makes for great sea kayaking. As you paddle along the shore, observe the changes in the shoreline or discover secluded coves and bights and don’t forget to always keep an eye out for turtles that pop up for a breath.
Cultural Tours
Immerse yourself in a little of the rich history of the island; from its Indian inhabitants, to piracy, to the fighting over which nation owned the island. Visit the oldest village established in 1797 and experience the drumming, dance and life of the Garifuna.
Deep Sea & Artisanal Fishing
You have a full range of fishing choices; from the flats, to reefs to the depths of the deep blue sea and all within quick moments of getting on the boat. Or get fully engaged by going back to basics, grab the line and learn how to land the fish with your bare hands.
Zipline & Canopy Tours
Take in the view and the exhilaration of zipping from tree to tree, relaxing as gravity takes you over the lush green of the jungle or go “superman” and feel the adrenaline. Easy, fun and safe for couples, families or groups of all ages.
The perfect water activity for all ages and skills as you become mesmerized with the feeling of standing on the blue Caribbean waters. Glide along the calm waters edge or find your inner balance and strike a yoga pose at sunset.
Enjoy the tropical paradise of Roatan on a sailboat! Sail and snorkel the crystal-clear waters or enjoy one of the islands treasured assets by watching as the golden sun begins its descent into a beautiful sunset.
This is a unique opportunity to view the beauty of the island from aloft, where you can see the island end to end as you soar above the coral reefs. An awe-inspiring experience for the whole family to remember as you fly above the turquoise waters.
Island Tours
Step back in time and take a tour by water of picturesque seaside villages and mangrove tunnels, see parts of the island few tourists frequent or visit an iguana farm or a butterfly sanctuary. Hang out with monkeys or visit other small islands, the options are almost endless.
Enjoy the Beach, Dining, & Relaxing
Spend a day (or many) just soaking up the sun on the various beaches as you gaze on turquoise waters. Read a book in your hammock, enjoy a spa day or treat yourself to an elegant gourmet meal with a view worthy of postcards.

Many other activites avaliable,              us to find the right ones for you!

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