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My name is Mary Ann Epp and I started CostaRoa to offer a concierge travel service that gives customized tour itineraries specific to Roatan, Honduras and the Osa Peninsula (and other limited locations) in Costa Rica.

Why the limited locations? Because CostaRoa was started to provide information and suggestions from actual experience and firsthand knowledge that comes from loving a place and making them both my home.

25 plus years ago I discovered my passion of Scuba Diving and at about that same time I walked off a plane in Costa Rica, fell in love with the country and knew someday I wanted to be a part of it. The last 20 years I have been able to share that love for tourism, nature, the marine environment and diving by working in the resort, dive and tourism industry. First in Florida, then moving to the Osa

Peninsula of Costa Rica and buying Changing Tide Tours, offering Dolphin, Whale Watching, Snorkeling and Mangrove tours and then more recently on the island of Roatan, Honduras (the worlds 2 nd largest barrier reef). I am fueled by a passion for sharing the adventure and wonder of nature and seeing people experience something memorable, so they can take home some of that magic and have memories to last a lifetime.


CostaRoa allows me to do that by planning your trip using my knowledge, passion and connections with guides, naturalists and providers local to the area that operate away from the massive tourist locations and truly care for the environment and nature.

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